Clemson University Football Covers
The Clemson University Football Program Cover Collection comes from the University Archives, and features 198 unique cover layouts of both home and away games. This collection includes covers from programs ranging from 1927 to 1978, representing teams under coaches Josh C. Cody, Jess C. Neely, Frank Howard, Hootie Ingram, Red Parker, Charley Pell, and Danny Ford.
James F. Byrnes
James F. Byrnes (May 2, 1879 - April 9, 1972) was a U.S. Congressman, U.S. Senator, Supreme Court Justice, Secretary of State, and Governor of South Carolina. During World War II Byrnes was nicknamed the "Assistant President" because of the power he wielded over the war effort in his position as Director of the Office of War Mobilization and Conversion and as one of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's confidants. The collection of 100 photographs covers periods in government and personal photographs including those of James and Maude Byrnes.
Historic Sites of Greenville
This collection contains photographs, both old and new, of historically significant people and places of Greenville County, South Carolina. The original materials can be found in the Greenville County Library System’s South Carolina Room.
McBet Ledger
A handmade ledger book from 1794 belonging to Alexander McBeth & Company, who began operations in Greenville County in the early 1790s.  The store stood on the White Horse Road.  This ledger is held by the Greenville County Library System’s South Carolina Room.
SC Postcards
This collection contains picture postcards from the early part of the twentieth century that depict scenes across South Carolina.  Items in this collection are held by the Greenville County Library System’s South Carolina Room.
Spanish War Veterans
This printed ledger book listing the members of Post 7, South Carolina Department of the United Spanish War Veterans. Information recorded in the ledger includes dates and places of birth, dates of service, home addresses and the names of closest relatives. This ledger is held by  the Greenville County Library System’s South Carolina Room.
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